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   SilentEar ear plugs offer an NRR of 32, meaning only the low-frequency noises that travel to the ear through the bones in your head aren't filtered out -- and no plug can block those low-frequency sounds.  SilentEar plugs are manufactured by Heartech in Israel and distributed in the USA exclusively by Ear Plug Superstore ( SilentEar ear plugs are available with yellow or clear flanges.

 SilentEar Product FAQ & Users Guide 
SilentEar Reusable Ear Plugs with Free Case! The SilentEar Product FAQ and Users Guide is arranged in three sections, covering all three aspects of SilentEar ear plugs: extraordinary noise blocking and protection, the ultimate in comfort, and durability and re-use value. 

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Q. How much protection do SilentEar plugs provide? || back to FAQ
A. SilentEar plugs provide an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 32dB. This is the highest NRR available from any reusable ear plug made anywhere in the world today. To achieve more protection than you get from SilentEar, you would have to wear a pair of NRR 32 earplugs underneath a pair of hearing protection ear muffs. SilentEar ear plugs are designed to offer the ultimate in protection, and may not be appropriate for situations where only a small amount of noise reduction is needed.
Q. What does an NRR of 32 really mean? || back to FAQ
A. SilentEar ear plugs provide an incredible noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32. The most protection available from earplugs alone is 33dB, and that comes from the highest rated disposable foam ear plugs, but because foam plugs are so difficult to insert properly, very few users ever experience the full laboratory rating of 33dB.

Because with SilentEar you simply push the plugs gently into place, with no need to "roll" or otherwise prepare the plugs, you are much more likely to experience the full 32 NRR that SilentEar can provide.

But what does an NRR of 32 really mean, and what can SilentEar plugs really do?

First, NRR is a standard measure of how much sound a protective device such as ear plugs or ear muffs can filter out.  The higher the NRR, the greater the protection.  But how much is 32 decibels (dB) of noise reduction?

To put it into perspective: SilentEar ear plugs provide a high enough NRR that the sound of a gunshot (about the loudest amount of noise most people are likely to encounter) would be reduced to about the volume of a loud power tool -- and the sound of a power tool would be reduced from a dangerous 100 dB to a harmless sound just a few decibels above normal conversation; about the volume level of a vacuum cleaner. And the neighbor's loud TV or the love-of-your-life's snoring, will be reduced to a whisper, so you can get the sleep you crave.

What this means for you: with SilentEar earplugs in place, dangerous noises will be reduced to a much safer volume, and typical ambient noises like music, voices, and outside traffic will be reduced to a whisper -- or they will simply fade away altogether.

Q. Are SilentEar ear plugs comfortable? || back to FAQ
A. SilentEar ear plugs are made of soft, pre-molded silicone rubber, so SilentEar will never dry out, harden, or crack.  SilentEar is designed with low-pressure, low-profile flange tips -- available in both easy-to-see yellow and minimum-visibility clear -- to allow low stress on the ear canal without slipping or falling out. SilentEar earplugs insert easily, without the uncomfortable rolling, molding, or stuffing normal foam and wax plugs require. And unlike many other reusable ear plugs, SilentEar is available in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit for nearly everyone, every time.
Q. How does SilentEar compare to moldable wax and silicone plugs? || back to FAQ
A. Where moldable silicone and wax plugs must be kneaded and shaped before insertion, SilentEar ear plugs are pre-formed out of soft silicone rubber, making them easy to put in and simple to take out. Wax plugs can melt at high temperatures and dissolve in water, making them a bad alternative in any situation, but SilentEar earplugs will never melt or dissolve under normal usage. Plus, wax and silicone moldable plugs gather and collect a little more ear wax and dirt every time they're used, and there is no way to effectively clean a moldable ear plug. By contrast, SilentEar plugs can be washed using ordinary soap and warm water, ensuring both comfort and cleanliness for a long time -- even years.
Q. How do I know which size is right for me? || back to FAQ
A. SilentEar ear plugs are available in small and average sizes. Ear canals are as unique as fingerprints and it is impossible to predict the size you need based on your body stature, so our dealers usually offer a significant discount on a trial pack that includes both sizes of SilentEar plugs. The trial pack is highly recommended unless you already know what size of SilentEar you need. A significant number of users will even need a different size in each ear, and the trial pack will allow you to determine which size(s) is(are) best for your unique ears -- and for all the members of your family as well. SilentEar is safe and non-toxic, but as with any ear plug, infants and toddlers should never use SilentEar ear plugs without constant adult supervision, as the plugs are small and could be a choking hazard.
Q. Can I wear SilentEar while sleeping? || back to FAQ
A. Yes.  SilentEar ear plugs are soft and comfortable, so they won't hurt your ears while you sleep. And with their low-profile flange design, SilentEar won't catch on pillows or sheets, and they won't fall out during the night.
Q. Does SilentEar help with snoring? || back to FAQ
A. Absolutely.  SilentEar blocks sound from all frequencies audible to the human ear, meaning that no matter how high-pitched or deep the snores keeping you awake are, SilentEar ear plugs will help filter out the sound.
Q. Do SilentEar plugs stay in? || back to FAQ
A. SilentEar earplugs are designed to be put in simply and easily, and once in place, to stay there without falling out. SilentEar's unique flange design helps to ensure that SilentEar ear plugs stay in position without putting unnecessary pressure on the sensitive ear canal.
Q. How long can I use SilentEar plugs? || back to FAQ
A. SilentEar is a reusable ear plug, designed to be worn over and over without breaking down or losing its effectiveness at sound blocking. Since these ear plugs are washable and made of soft but durable silicone rubber, with proper care, SilentEar plugs can last for many months -- or even years.
Q. How do I take care of my SilentEar ear plugs? || back to FAQ
A. SilentEar earplugs are simple to maintain. To keep waxy buildup from collecting on your SilentEar ear plugs, simply wash them in ordinary soap and warm water after each use, dry them thoroughly and return them to their sturdy carry case. SilentEar earplugs will not be damaged by frequent washing, nor will their effectiveness be decreased. Be safe and never put anything that might be contaminated into your ear canals.

So you've read the FAQ, and you're ready to eliminate disturbing and dangerous sounds from your life, once and for all? 
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