SilentEar Ear Plugs Eliminate the Most Sound
of Any Reusable Ear Plug Made in the World Today (NRR 32)!
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  With SilentEar Ear Plugs in place, the only sounds that can reach your inner ear are those that travel through the bones in your head, and no ear plug can prevent this small amount of sound from getting through. With SilentEar, you get the maximum noise reduction possible from any reusable ear plug on the market today.

With superior noise blocking, SilentEar's innovative Low-Profile Flange design makes these plugs ideal for every application. Whether you're at sleep, at work, or at play, SilentEar fits comfortably and stays in place.

Why Are SilentEar Ear Plugs So Comfortable and Effective?
SilentEar plugs feature a patented structure composed of a flexible and durable silicone rubber shell filled with hypo-allergenic sound deadening silicone gel. This unique structure makes SilentEar plugs the best in class reusable earplugs. Unlike most other reusable earplugs, SilentEar offers two different sizes so you can choose the best size for your ears. Many other plugs claiming to be "one size fits all," can be too small or too large for many users. Available in small and average sizes, SilentEar provides an effective and comfortable alternative that is perfect for nearly everyone looking for the maximum noise reduction available.

SilentEar also features a low profile insertion flange that makes SilentEar less visible to others. The low profile also means you can comfortably sleep on your side while you wear your SilentEar plugs, and the low profile also makes SilentEar the perfect choice for maximum wind noise reduction while driving a motorcycle with or without a helmet.

Made of soft silicone rubber, SilentEar ear plugs are not only comfortable, but durable and easy to wash with ordinary soap and warm water. Unlike wax or moldable plugs that cannot be effectively cleaned and that may come apart with time, SilentEar ear plugs are designed to fit right and stay soft and comfortable, even after months or even years of use.

Offering twp distinct sizes for the ultimate in comfort, designed for durability and to stay in place -- even during sleep -- SilentEar is the perfect solution, whatever noise is bothering you. If it's loud, you need SilentEar!

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